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5Min Intraday System 5分钟系统交易

I am using this 5min intraday strategy with great success on The eurusd and gpb/USD . three deals max . per day . open position when The angle of The 50move stop loss to break even as soon as 6 pips gain is obtained . using this strategy is at your own risk . hope some one will benefit from it .


Some more samples

the 20 degrees is determined by eye sight . it is about trading with the trend that is strong when the angle of the 50ma is strongly in a direction.s not about the exact angle . one gets a feeling for the movement over time . it is true that the samples given are very true ones . it is to make Lanation easis I am finish for the day . one win and one loss make me trade on more time . two losses in a row and I am out for the day . I will post more difficult et mples . the mame


this was a more difficult day . the purple areas are the ones where the 50ma angle were to flat for a trend And to do trades . still I managed one wrow And two cothere are plenty of chances to get in。wait for the good setup to occur。


I made three 1 was right,2 was wrong and 3 was right ending up 10 pips for the day。

I made three 1 was right,2 was wrong and 3 was right ending up 10 pips for the day。

sample . be very cautious before news announsmants . I am not trading news with this system .

I made one trade as it was a sitter on Friday . made 15 pips。

the rules are as follow . there were two trades today。

1.the 50 simple moving average must be in a strong trend identified by the angle it is in。

2.wait then for the price to pull back into(in between)the zone of the 21e ma and the 10 EMA .

3.Enter the trade within this zone。

4.Set stoploss to 6 pips plus spread。

5.move stop loss to break even after 6 pips gain is on。

6.Take profit 8-10 pips。








I did not trade this but the Asian session gave three signals .

the angle is very important but look at this example of the GBP now forming . the 21e ma and 50 SMA are to close together and the angle between the two is Not ot

this is what a perfect start looks like . it happened today on The eurusd . The 50 SMA is moving up,The 21e ma is opening up(moving away)from

here are some more 50 SMA trend startups so that you can see how it looks like when there is a trend starting to get on its way . look at the moving aver Ages mook

should you got involved on this one I published earlier the worst would have been a break even . just show you that you can manageit . after 6 pips Set stop lop



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